Some of This; Some of That

                               It's mailed so I can show you the top:
My DIL made the top at our last sewing retreat.  I took it home to quilt and bind.  It's going to her best friend.
Here's the label:

I like to thread sign my labels.  This one's on the front (lower left). You can see the back and quilting in the previous post.

Seen during our last week's cooler weather in the garden:
First of the Spider lilies

A surprise amaryllis-thought they'd all bloomed in April.

A volunteer Mexican Milkweed - it's a tropical and don't know where it came from in all this hot weather.
I've also started back up on a UFO from several years ago. I fell in love with Jen Kingwell's My Small World, got the pattern, started it (just barely), then life got in the way.  So I was so happy to find out about a Sewcial that has just started for like minded quilters to work on this quilt. Yeah.
This is an Instagram based project and you can find it here .  Here's my first month's blocks done:
Got a long way to go.

Okay then, now to the hand sewing - prepping some hexies for my Bliss.
 The one that's got a purple half hexagon is already whipped stitched. The one to its left is half done. You can see the tape I have on it to keep it in place while assembling that hexi.

I hold it as shown - flat to do the stitching. Not my technique - Julia Wood's. You can go to her video and see how she handles curvy lines in hexies.

Please visit my tab for linky parties above to go to the fun other quilters are posting. PS:  I use invisible thread to hand stitch my hexies. And yes, that needle in the photos is threaded. I sit before a lamp and the thread is visible. This will be my slow Sunday Stitching for tonight's TV time.

Bye for now.  Blessings,


  1. That's a pretty quilt. Your EPP is pretty; I've never seen one just like that.

  2. What a lovely hand made label! I must be more careful about putting labels on my quilts!
    Such a pretty EPP project! I never though of using invisible thread!

  3. What a great variety on this post. I do like your DIL's block. So sweet of you to quilt it, and quilting the label in is a great idea. All of your flowers are so lovely. I've never seen two of them before. I will have to investigate! Those curves are interesting, and thanks for the video link.


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