Some of This; Some of That 8/11/2019

Finished quilting that top - already delivered.

I almost kept this scrap bag quilt. But it's going to St. Anne's (SA).

Two St. Anne's members gave me tops to add borders to:
This first one is a design which two SA members came up with when I handed them a bag of scraps.

I took a photo of their design so that I could adhere to it as much as possible. What with lengths, dimensions, and loss of fabric to seams, this is what I was able to come up with.
Measures 34" by 36" Needed to add a border to make it large enough.  I have enough of the red to possibly bind it.  What do you think?

The second one just needed a slight border to bring to size.  It's 34" by 36".
I think the center pieces needed a bit more contrast, but that's what was in the scrap bag.

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  1. Those are cute little quilts, Angie. ;^)

  2. They look good and I think the red would bind well

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