Tour Day #3

Because the Ronald Reagan Library is quite a ways from home, and also it is necessary to take two of the most busy freeways to get home, we stayed a night in Alhambra.  After the four hours at the library, we were ready to rest.  So we drove to Pasadena Old Town and had dinner at the True Food Kitchen.
We sat  at the table where the guy in the orange shirt is sitting. Their indoor seating is like a three sided room.
Two of our party had this Spinach and mushroom pizza - none left to take back to the hotel, it was so good.
Mom and I had delicious minestrone soup - just a cup - and each serving was BIG.  This mainly vegetarian restaurant was a nice change.  I would go back.  We walked around a bit after dinner and wound up at a Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  I was the only one to abstain.  The calorie count per slice started at 840 calories!  Then off to the hotel where we had a nice sleep.  The next day we went to Pasadena's Arlington Garden - "a 3-acre botanical garden. It is Pasadena's only dedicated free public garden. The garden was designed by Mayita Dinos, it was started to be built in 2005." We're all early risers, so we were ready to visit the little (only 3 acres) gem at 8 am. Draw for me - hundreds of California native plants.

a plaque we found

Some succulents and citrus

More succulents

Euphorbe, blue agave, and more

Gorgeous purple sage

colorful sitting area

blooming century plant

some cacti

sculpture with watering wands

a labyrinth!
We so enjoyed this garden!


  1. Gorgeous garden and so nice it is public! Also love to hear and see the fine eating!

  2. You look like you are having a blast. Gorgeous photos.

  3. That pizza looks delicious! Gorgeous garden.


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