Some of This; Some of That

Back to the destashing.  In trying to empty some boxes filled with quilty stuff, I found 4.5 yards of fabric I am liberating from storage and to perhaps find its way into a project with another quilter.
That and the 1.41 yds from the start of a new baby quilt, 1 block and the back of another baby quilt gives me a YTD total of 46.51 yds destashed out of the 62 yards I need at this time to meet my year-end goal.  That's what happens when one spends over 2 months with little sewing and quilting.

Here's the block I made as mentioned above.  It is for my NSO (newly started object as of January) called Meadow by Michelle McKillop of the Jen Kenwell Designs Collective. 
I now have a corner's worth.
Along with another one, I  have 4 of 24 applique blocks done.  What I do is make a copy of the template page and then cut out the pieces leaving the outline of the shape as my placing guide.  Here's a sample:
Makes it easy to assemble the block.

Off to prep a block from Anna's Garden.  That one is hand appliqued so I'll be working on it today.  Don't think I"ll get much more than start it.  I'm off to Colorado for another short trip to visit DS#2.
I'll try not to forget my smart phone this time so I can post a photo now and then.

I'm happy to report the temps are near normal again for a little while ( 98- 104 degrees).  So much better. I'll be linking to BOMs Away, Slow Sunday Stitching, Sunday Stash, Moving it Forward, and Main Crush Monday
Blessings to you all.


  1. These are darling blocks! Congrats on more destashing!

  2. That's a great tip for appliqueing small blocks. Thanks!

  3. What a lovely block Angie. Your placement idea is so good, thanks for sharing the details. I will try it. Glad to hear that the heat has cooled a little.

  4. I do like your flowers. Great pattern, beautiful colors. Generosity does help lower the stash numbers!


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