I Like Thursdays

It has been a different kind of week. I got back from my visit to Vancouver Aug 1st.  I liked my visit - a little shopping, a little sight seeing and a lot of family time.  Here's DGD#1 at Target where we were buying new kitchen curtains and school supplies. They have a Starbucks in the one they go to. Cute and yummy cookie.

Once home, it took me a couple of days to get back into some of my routine, and the weather didn't relent.  Monday was 110, Tuesday - 107 - today 99.  Under 100 you say? But not for a good reason.
The Holy Fire (named because it started in Holy Jim Canyon in the Cleveland National Forest) started three days ago in the early afternoon. This is about 30 miles South of us.  When my husband and I first saw the plume it looked like a mushroom cloud from an atom bomb.  You can see the winds here keeping the smoke to the right (West to us).  
The smoke didn't affect us that day, but as it moved northwest, it blocked the sun and the temperture dropped 2 degrees in a matter of minutes. Here's the sun behind the dense smoke.  You can see the sun's halo.  So it was dark way sooner than normal and then once the sun got under the smoke we had a normal sunset. By the end of the day our sky was mostly normal as the smoke was west of us.
Tuesday there was a bit of smoke still moving northwest, but this morning the smoke was back with the wind change. My husband found ashes on his truck and I have a fine dusting on my car which is in a carport. So now besides an excessive heat advisory, we have a smoke advisory.  All throughout the day the sunlight had an eerie color to it - like a muted peach color instead of a bright and sunny look. Don't know what tomorrow will bring - depends on any winds. Approaching from the south Hurricane John may bring us humidity (no rain) which the firefighters need to fight this fire - no containment, still going strong as of this evening. I pray for their safety.  Again, not close to us except for the smoke.

In the meantime - I go out in the early mornings - the only time it's cool and in the 70s and walk among the cactus.  Here's one I found and liked.
I'm going over to LeeAnna's I Like Thursdays - see you there.


  1. Sorry to hear you are so close to those fires. We here in Peoria Az have gotten some of your smoke! Unbelievable and so sad. Your granddaughter looks so sweet.

  2. Family time is always the best time. We have multiple fires here too. I am ready for a calm and clear Fall.

  3. The cactus is so pretty- but the fires are awful! I'm so sorry you are so close to them! Scary!

  4. Those are some wild skies you're having there! I remember reading that these huge fires create their own weather. Beautiful cactus flower!

  5. The cookie is cute, but your DGD#1's face is even cuter! Yay for morning walks and pretty flowers. I'm sorry you're dealing with those fires. Ugh.

  6. Your granddaughter is so cute, and how fun you got to spend time with her. I'm so sorry to hear you are so close to the fires. Wow - through all of that there is a beautiful cactus flower. I sure hope they get those fires under control soon without any more loss of houses or any people. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Fires are so scary, with a life of their own. Bad enough when they happen in nature, but when neglectful people start them, it's horrible. I hope we all survive the heat, and do what we can to protect the atmosphere so we have a buffer between us and the sun in future. Be careful out there!

  8. Wow...fires are scary. Glad you are safe.


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