I Like Thursdays

I'm going to Washington state soon, so I may not be posting often, but here's some things I liked in the past week. First off, I'm liking quilts that are being posted from the Sisters' Quilt Show.
I saw this one in Lori's second post about the show. You can view it here.  This is going on my bucket list.  Love the border.  Here's another one from that same show:
Love this one also - would use the idea, not copy per se.  I need to live to be 150 years old to get all these inspiring quilts done.

And then there is this scrappy string work (may have come from the Fret Not Yourself blog). What a great way to use up those strips.

Have been indoors almost all of the past week.  We're in another scorcher period of time. Thankfully the peak of this heat wave was only 114 - but all the other days were in between 104-110.  Ughhh.
My plants are fried.

Hope it is cool wherever you are (or warm if you're south of the Equator). Do go over to Lee Anna's post of goodness for the week. Bye for Now.


  1. Good Morning! Isn't that the truth - all of us lists of quilts we would like to make sooner than later. My list is extensive, and I really enjoy that scrappy string piece you shared. Safe travels to you! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I too love to see the quilts from the Sisters Quilt Show. So inspiring. Enjoy your visit in Washington. Take care. ;^)

  3. I'd like to go to that some time!


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