I Like Thursdays and Fridays

cuz they keep me working even if life is just leaving me a few moments to work on my projects.
So, I finished my baby quilt top.

 It has some problems, but I like it. Needed to make my borders about 3 inches longer to miter them correctly.
Sew a little square in the corner and it will not show when I bind.
The top now has batting and a back.  DGS#4 is visiting so I didn't quite get to finish putting it together for quilting.

I also went back and made some more flying geese for scraps of different sizes.  Don't know where I got those crazy sizes fromin my last post about these. I finally figured it out using the sizes determined from the no waste method at patchpieces.com for my refinement using scraps.  To go  over it again:

The no waste method requires a larger scrap than I usually have. Also sometimes I need more variety in my geese body. So instead of cutting out the squares as directed in the no waste method, I cut them out of paper (actually today I cut them out of freezer paper as I didn't have paper 9 1/4" square). That worked out better to lightly attached it to my fabric, I didn't have to worry when I moved my ruler to cut another side.
My Piece of scrap for the goose body

1/4th of the required square(cut with two diagonals) to get my goose.

How I lay my ruler to cut two sides efficiently

Cut my wing square in half and sew to body.

Press wing going out and sew other, then true up goose using 1/4" seam at top of unit.

Trim other side using the diagonal line on the ruler.
Here's the larger size I did using the same method and that 9 1/4" square  of freezer paper cut twice on the diagonal to use on my scraps:
This one is 4 1/2" by 8 1/2" .

I like this method. I'll be using a lot more scraps this way.  I'm linking to Can I Have a Whoop, Whoop? and Finished or Not Fridays.  Also do visit LeeAnna's I Like Thursdays for some great non-quilty stuff.


  1. Golly, so do I! Chasing the links to read all about it, but great visual on your part so thank you. Yes, I will have to stop and deal with Scrap Mountain again soon.


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