I Like Thursdays

It has been a subdued week. Another young man has gone to his eternal rest.  Matthew was 47.  He was diagnosed 16 days ago, and he's already gone.  Our only consolation is that he will suffer no more, and then there are all the good memories he left behind for his family. It was good to see how his five other siblings rallied around their mother and brother as they went through this farewell.

While I quilted this week, I came across a solution to a cutting dilemma. When I use paper templates (especially if I'm only making one block) the paper always seemed to move when I re-positioned the ruler.  Had a light bulb moment. Why not put a dab of washable glue on the back of the paper so they stay in place? That's what I did. Problem solved.
a little dab of this glue stick did the trick.

paper comes right off
I found another bloom in our cactus garden.  These are my favorites - they look like the flowers on the Christmas cactus, but prettier.
Double click on the photo to see the detail.  Blessing to you all. 


Glue has helped me through a lot of my sewing!
LA Paylor said…
what a loss! so young.
The flowering cactus is beautiful!
Shelly said…
So sad. So young. Heartbreaking.
Clare M said…
Yes, a very sad loss. We can but hope and trust in God.
Good thinking with the glue, we patchworkers are a very resourceful lot.