The Mod is Finished and other Thursday Likes.

Finally got Mod-Mod sampler bound. Even put a hanging sleeve.  Here's the back:

This was a 2014 block of the month at Block Lotto. I only made a 1/4th of it. This year we're taking turns to post a block to be made by those who participate. This month is my turn.  I chose the Noon & Light block.  It looks complicated but I came up with a way to make it that is pretty easy.  If you'd like to make a block visit Block Lotto and check out the pdf.  You're welcome to join us in this month's swap.  We make a block or more and post to the swap and you have a chance of winning some at the end of the month. People play from all over the world.  I like that we already have as of Thursday over 50 blocks. Here's the block:
Another thing I like about it - is it's mostly scrappy and you can make 2 blocks from one set of cut fabric.

Not much else quilty wise here as I've been doing more babysitting. But I did walk around in my garden and discovered some blooms.
These are Evening Primrose. They spread easily and I let them come out wherever they want.

When we bought the house almost 50 years ago, these amaryllis filled a border on both sides of the front door. 

This last photo is of an edible elephant bush.  According to the Master Gardener Program of the University of Wisconsin:  Although it is considered to be in the purslane plant family (Portulacaceae), molecular phylogenetic studies suggest this genus should be in the Didiereaceae, a group otherwise found only in Madagascar. Recent research has shown P. afra is an excellent ‘carbon sponge’, with the ability to efficiently use more carbon from the air than most other plants (since it can use both normal and CAM pathways to grow despite adverse climatic conditions) and can therefor remove more carbon from the atmosphere than an equal amount of deciduous forest.  Wow, we're going to plant more of this.

I hope you are all well and enjoying Spring or Autumn - depending on what hemisphere in which you reside. Blessings, friends.


Drew Paylor said…
Hi Angie, lovely work and pictures
Lee Anna

Love them all, but the Mod Quilt is so much fun! Great job Angie.
Congrats on your newly completed quilt!!
Sally Hurley said…
Love that quilt! The edible elephant bush is pretty cool, too. It does look similar to purslane.