Slow Sunday Stitching

Kathy of Kathy's Quilts and Slow Sunday Stitching shared a reflection today about how Sundays use to be days of rest.  We sort of do that here. We go to Mass and then come home and have a sweet with tea or coffee and read the paper.  This sets the tone for most of the day - taking it slow.  Are you resting?   Here you'll find Kathy's thought on Sundays and her Sunday stitching.

I'm going to be working on my Anna's Garden block - almost done and then it will be time to prep another block.  Then there's some machine quilting on a baby quilt and binding my Mod Mod quilt.

Have a restful day, everyone.


  1. Anna's Garden looks wonderful :)

    I was recently reading a memoir in regards to what a woman ( about 100 years ago ) went through on a Saturday to have her 'Day of Rest" on Sunday

    It wasn't pleasant ha ha / about 3x per work

  2. Your quilt is sure looking lovely, hope you managed to get some rest and slow stitching in today.

  3. Yes, we never used to have the day off rest, but now I have been using this day as a way of honouring God. Like you, church in the morning, then we often go out for a nice lunch as a treat. A bit of stitching or reading to finish the day.

  4. Love the big bursts of color. Will be wonderful when done.

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