Things I Like on Thursdays

The peace of daily Mass, the smile of my grandchild, the hug from my husband - these are fond memories from this past week.  Another thing I like is the old coat  and leggings I've gotten out of the trunk and put into use. Lately it's been in the 40s in the early mornings, and I'm not handling this cold too well. However, wearing the items mention around the house has brought me some relief. Ahh. There are no photos for that. So let me show you some eye candy from the quilt show my mother and I went to a couple of weeks ago.

The show was small, but as always, quilters brought beauties to share.  First one - a Piece O' Cake design.
I'd never seen it in black before. Loved it.

Isn't this octopus fabulous?

Best of Show!

Love this boot quilt!
Shelly Pagliai of Wien, Missouri, designed the quilt, Hazel’s Diary, which tells the story of her mother, Hazel Ilene Hyde, who was born Sept. 19, 1936. Hazel’s parents gave her a diary for Christmas 1950. She faithfully wrote in the book every day for the next few years.
Here's someone's version at the quilt show:
While I like this version, I love Shelly's:
Just depends what size quilt one needs.

Do go visit LeeAnna -others will be linking their likes at her blog, too.

Hope you get to quilt today.  Peace!


  1. Hi,
    That quilt is lovely, and is following the current trend of using a dark colored background instead of white or off-white. Your likes for the week are certainly blessings. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. The smiles, the hugs... that's what makes life sweet. Those are mighty cool quilts including the boots. I have just the place for that one! Of course the octopus is very interesting. For cool weather I love cuddle duds! So soft and thin. LeeAnna

  3. Thanks for the photo of the Hazel's Diary quilt. Love it! And while you know I love the cowboy boot quilt, that Best of Show quilt is completely awesome! I can relate to your winter attire -- it's been my uniform since early December.

  4. Such pretty quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely quilts. I hadn't heard of the names Piece o cake and Hazel's Diary. I admire traditional applique'd quilts, but don't keep up with the names and details.

    We are having freezing and below temps and snow all week which is Very Unique for us. I have afleece blanket folded double that I wear like a sarong because my legs hurt so much in the cold. I usually try to whip it off if someone like the postie knocks on the door. But not this week! I don't care if it looks silly, as my husband says!

  6. Great quilt show, but show the leggings....:)

  7. How nice you and your mom got to share your day at a quilt show! I just ordered a Piece o' Cake book this week, and am pretty excited to try the techniques myself. All the quilts were beautiful, and I appreciate you sharing them with us. Thank you, Angie, and stay warm.

  8. Thanks for sharing the quilt. You have some wonderful like.


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