Some of This; Some of That on 3/25

With two days less to sew and quilt this past week, my destashing essentially came to a halt. And what time I had was spent  making bits and pieces for my two applique projects.  See previous post. So all I used was 0.10 of scraps and brought my YTD total up to 16.47 yds.  How about you?

This coming week will not be much different because we have begun Holy Week - a reflective time for us as we walk with the Lord during the end of His earthly days.

Today, I've spent making a couple of blocks - one for Covered in Love and one for Block Lotto (will do for RSC 2018 because it's the color for this month). Do you participate in any of these?  I like the challenge of sampling blocks and putting them toward a worthy cause or a quilter's cache.  

Today, I'm going to hand stitch another Anna's Garden block.  I'd mentioned (last Thursday Report) I didn't like how the background fabric is seriously fraying on these units. I finally decided to make a rolled hem.  Because I didn't want to subject the applique pieces to stress and feed dogs, I chose to protect them by hand.
 Beginning the rolled hem. I'm basting it with large stitches as it won't be on there long.
The finished new edge to the block is done.  Once I've hand appliqued all the front, I'll remove the thread, give it a good press, then add it to the pile of done blocks.  Next one to stitch at top of post.
This is my last prepped block.  I'll have to make time and cut out some more to keep on hand stitching.

And I did finish that unit for Sweet Land of Liberty.  I didn't like the cherries, so I added stars instead.

I'm linking to Sunday Stash, Oh, Scrap!, Slow Sunday Stitching, BOMs Away, and Monday Making. Linkys are so good for inspiration.


  1. The only challenges I do are Scrap Attack! and OMG. I find even those two feel like too much sometimes. If I didn't work full time I might consider more.

  2. I love the stars. I plan to make yo-yo's for mine. We shall see how far I get this week. I am also rearranging a few things on this section. My house block just wasn't showing up very well where it was.

  3. The rolled hem to protect the edges is a great idea. I'll have to remember that. I usually cut blocks for applique larger than necessary but even then they sometimes ravel. (Not like I've done all that much applique....) Your Sweet Land of Liberty looks fabulous but I may have already said that.

  4. I like the stars. I just got started with mine project last week. Trying to catch up.

  5. Your liberty quilt is looking very sweet and I just love that everyone is making their own!

  6. I really feel that the white background blocks pop especially as they are framed in darker choices on the right side. It gives the eye a place to rest.


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