My Thursday Report

It's time for my list of what I liked last week.  It has been a different kind of week. Friday, as I mentioned before, I went on a silent retreat.  It spoke deeply to me. I was at the El Carmelo Retreat Center in Redlands - a place in a serene setting.

While right next to an Interstate Hwy (although you'd never know it except for the sound - but that seems to fade the longer one is there) the center is in the middle of a orange grove, so one feels in another world.  After dinner and a speaker, we entered our silence. Other than responses to prayers, we held the silence till after the 10 AM Mass on Sunday. A wonderful three days.

On coming home, I found myself lost in the old world - a strange feeling.  It took me until Tuesday to feel I was back and able to get into my old routine and pick up a needle.  And the first thing I did was hand stitch on my Anna's Garden block. What I didn't like is I noticed that the edges of the fabric are fraying badly.  I measured the block.  I liked that I hadn't trimmed them to the size they need to be so all is not lost. Now to come up with a solution.

And I give thanks that my new granddaughter, Grace (almost 3), has recovered from pneumonia and is her usual bright and smiley self. She was in my prayers all weekend long.

Tomorrow, I like that our group which has been meeting every month for 40 years is getting together. They are like family to me.  Three are now in their eighty's, two in their seventy's, and two in their sixty's.  We started out as a baby sitting co-op at our church.

Off to read yours at I Like Thursdays at LeeAnna's.


  1. What a beautiful setting for a silent retreat. You have a lot to like this week.

  2. Your silent retreat sounds wonderful! I imagine it would be hard to rejoin the noisy world after that, though. Glad to hear that your granddaughter is better, too - it's so hard to have little ones be sick like that.

  3. It must have been hard to have three days of silence while your granddaughter was so sick. Maybe you were able to receive and read texts so you could stay updated on her condition. It sure looked like a lovely place to retreat to. And lucky you to have such long-lasting quilting friends. I bet you've shared a lot life's ups and downs together.

  4. I wondered how it went. I'm glad you felt a shift, and I'm very happy your grand-daughter is getting better. Blessings to you.


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