Some of This; Some of That

First the Stash Report:  I made 2 six inch blocks and 1 ten inch block, plus donated a 1/4 yard for 1.03 yards destashed.  New YTD total is 67.13 yds destashed.  Here's the 10" block.  It goes with my eagle quilt.
I thought it would be the hardest to make (well, I did in 2010 when I started this quilt top), but it's been the easiest so far.  One can learn a lot from posts on the Net over time.  The other two are leader and enders for a scrap quilt. As it will be a while before this one is done, you can see it at Sew Very Easy on You-tube. In cutting and making these simple blocks I found a way to be more accurate.

I've randomly selected two of the rectangles
Upon putting right sides together see that one is smaller than the other which is the correct size.  I could throw the one on top away or adjust for it. This can happen when one is cutting scraps piled up for faster cutting.
 So I line up the the smaller square on the side that will not be sewn as below.
 Then I sew a scant 1/4" seam based on the yellow square (which is the right size).
 I press open the seam and measure.  It is exactly the right size.
Lastly, I'm linking to Oh, Scrap, Kathy's Slow Sunday stitching, and Sunday Stash.  We've had company for the last four days.  You know how hectic that can be. So I'm going to sit down in my comfy chair, watch Wallender, and sew some hexies.  I've added a few to this donut.  Five more to go and then I can stitch it to the center.

I hope you get to quilt today.  Have a restful day.  Blessings.


  1. Enjoy your hand work time.

  2. That was a slick little trick about getting those two rectangles to come out perfectly square when sewn together. Thanks.

  3. Nice work on your destashing! Yes, I get those "off" pieces when I cut piles of scraps, so I do the same thing. No one sees inside the quilt! Take care.

  4. Great tip for using those slightly smaller pieces. Gotta use up those scraps!

    Thanks for linking to Oh Scrap also!

  5. Great tip for sewing seams on uneven scraps!

  6. Your hexies look as though they are going to be part of an interesting quilt. I hope you did get some quiet sewing time.

  7. You have some fun projects in the works. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy some more slow stitching time this week.

  8. I like your partial star in this scrap quilt. A fu way to use stuff up.

  9. Great use of scraps thanks for your tip.

  10. Wow! That block is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your tip! Your EPP project is really coming along!


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