Quilted, Bound and Finished

My mod baby quilt is quilted, bound and finished.

It measures 32" square and will be for the NICU unit at our regional hospital. I'd seen the pattern online and thought to try it.  It's a easy and quick pattern.
After quilting the last baby quilt flat with all the FMQ, decided to do just squiggly lines on this one. It'll do.  For speed I like to bring the backing from the back forward to make a quick and easy binding.  Always a bit stressful time for me as the way I'd done it before, I've nipped the back fabric.  Argh!
On the quilt before my mod one, I laid the sandwich right side up and flat on the cutting table once it was quilted.

Then I folded the backing all the way down, out of the way, so that I can trim off the excess batting. The problem was I couldn't see if the back was too close to the cut line due to my quilting.  Before I got any further, I happened to see a quilter online  (so sorry I forgot who posted this) who put the backing side up and folded the backing down then laid the ruler on the sandwich.
This showed me clearly if my quilting was too close to the edge of the backing. I took out a few quilt stitches and thus had a clear line to cut.
Once I'd trimmed off the excess batting, I turned it over and trimmed the back to bring it forward, fold and press ready to stitch it down as the binding. Phew - no more stress!  I now have done two quilts that way and feel a lot better about the process.

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  1. Good explanation! I have to admit this is how the local charity and church do their comforter bindings--bringing the backing around to create binding, but I have never had luck at their method. I had it explained more than once, but everyone had a different way of trimming. I have also nicked the binding section right along the edge while trimming, and been very frustrated. Thank you for posting the pictures so I could see the method. Much appreciated here.

  2. Two great baby quilts finished, good for you. I have one as my OMG project this month, and I better get moving or it won't get done!

  3. I love this one for a NICU quilt! Is this your design or from a pattern? I'd like to keep it in mind for my guild's charity quilt drive. Thanks for sharing this at Val's!


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