Some This; Some That

First in destashing:  Had to remake my four-patches for the QAL, so I used another .3 yards of scraps for those. The first set was on my design wall here.  The new YTD total now is 58.64 yards.

On my design wall is the completed top for the Palmateer Point QAL.
You can go to Lori's post and see all the ones shared on her linky party.  They're great!  I had a bit of an issue with my obsessive, compulsive nature and the 2"squares aren't as random as I wanted.  I really like the more scattered look of others for that. Could also be I had so many darker squares. Maybe I'll try again when I find the first set of four-patches.  One frustration I had with this 21" square top is trying to nestle seams when assembling. I'm sure there's a secret to that. Just haven't discovered it, especially with having to turn the four-patches this way and that to get the colors where I wanted them. Live and learn.

What are you up to?  Let me know and I'll come by. I"m linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday and a couple of others.  Check out my more tab to see those. Blessings.


Quilting Babcia said…
Well, I for one like your setting for Palmateer Point. It's really fun to see what everyone is doing with this block, and there are so many interesting and unusual versions.
The quilt is looking soooo good!
Danice said…
Very pretty. It looks very good.
So fun to see how different each PP quilt is looking--love yours!
Clare M said…
Yes Angie, I love your quilt too. I really like this pattern and may try it out. Hugs. By
Marsha Cooper said…
I have a pizza box or 2 full of 2 1/4 inch squares---I'm going to pin this because I like the way it looks and it may just end up being what I finally can do to get those little squares used up.
It was a big popcorn tin full that was given to me. I've made several doll blankets and small things and will soon be making little 4 patch pin cushions for my guild too.
Janet O. said…
I like the way you put your own twist on the value placement. Really clever, and takes it to a whole new level!
Gayle Bong said…
Very nice. Would like to see it bigger. Oh dear. perhaps it should go on my list then.