The Event of the Day

Wasn't on the total eclipse path but saw 95 percent of it at Fort Collins.
The tree shade acted as a pinhole camera. We saw the crescent shape of the sun being eclipsed by the moon on the road.

Did you watch the eclipse?


  1. Nashville had prime viewing. I watched on television till about 5 minutes before totality, then left for retreat. The streets and interstate were almost deserted! Dusklike when I left home, almost total darkness 5 miles later, then back to dusk before I got on the interstate. A friend got the same effect on her deck.

  2. I remember a total eclipse in our area in the 1970s. Unfortunately it was very cloudy, which somewhat lessened the effect. But it was strange as all the birds took themselves off to bed in the middle of the afternoon, then had to wake up again just a few minutes later!

  3. Yes, and noticed, just past 100%, that the trees filtered like that. It's such a cool effect. Glad you got to see so much of it.


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