Some of This; Some of That

The giveaway for the hexagon papers is still on. Go back to the last post and sign up to win. It will end this coming Thursday, midnight.

Weather has been lovely - low 90s, very little humidity, and some flower sightings:

In the destashing category, used up some scraps to make a few blocks to begin another baby quilt - .60 yd..  Also couldn't stand it, had to start something new, so while in the scrap bag I took out some cut off triangles and made a teeny quilt - .01 yd.  I'll show you my finish next Friday.  Then went through my stash and weeded a donation for the guild - 2 yds. The YTD total is now at 62.14 yds out.

I didn't show you my itty bitty quilt I won at the steal game at our last Guild Mtg.  I got a patriotic one.  Just right for July. Here it is on its holder on an end table in my living room:
Measures 8 1/2" by 10".

Hope you get to do some sewing and quilting today.  I'm finally getting to prep some more hexies to hand stitch as I watch Father Brown tonight. Last week I fell asleep before he came on.



  1. Congratulationsfor.I also love Father Brown but many time without watch it.

    Have a fun week.

  2. at is a great win. Cactus all look good with flowers on them


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