Applique Tuesday

I was able to get a copy of the guild photo of my itty bitty quilt #1.  Yeah!

It's appropriate that I'm posting today as it is Applique Tuesday at my house.  It's 8" x 10" and was the one given for our guild exchange.  Bit cooler today. Only 104.


Yesterday it was --------------------------------&gt
Today not much better  - 107, ugh.  I may have to scout out a second home to help me get through this.  Anyone want to shout out about their area that has 70-80 degree weather for the summer?

Not feeling too well today, must be the cumulative effect of so many hot days.  This is bad as its only the start of summer. Feel close to heat exhaustion, so not much sewing getting done even with the air on.

Did manage to make a yellow RSC block:

Off to replenish my cold drink and find my cooling neck scarf and wait out the heat of the day.
First off, the stash report. I used .18 yd to make two RSC blocks, .04 yd for two leader and ender blocks, .25 yds for binding of St. Anne quilt,  .19 for two itty bitty quilts and gave away 1 yd of scraps. My new stash YTD total out is 55.04 yds 

I finally got some time to sandwich my isolette quilt top.  I use my dining table to sandwich, and it always seemed as if we were eating, soon be eating, or DH coming in soon for a snack and I wouldn't have time.  So in the meantime I assembled the batting
and found the backing.  I assemble the batting by finding scraps of the same kind of batting, cut two straight edges where they will abut, and join them with fusible interfacing.  While ironing the back discovered (1) it was not long enough and (2) there was a visible crease line down the center of this piece.  So I cut it right on the line, sewed a 1/4" along the line. Voilá, the line is gone.  Still too short . Cut a piece off the side and added it to the top.  Then I discovered there are crease lines on the border in the front!  Well I"m not taking it apart.  I'll just use a fabric pencil to color over the lines - they're not that long as the line was in back.  Do you get the feeling I really want to use this fabric?  Lol.  These quilts have to block light.
Here it is sandwiched. 

Have half the straight lines done so far. Off to finish the rest of those lines.

Hope you get to quilt today.  I'll be watching Father Brown and slow stitching hexagons this evening.  Blessings.
All quilted now:


Baby quilt ready to donate at next church quilt meeting:

Two small finishes.  One is a block for the RSC 2017 challenge and the other is an Itty Bitty Picture Perfect quilt (mine's not even close to perfect -lol). The back acts as a sleeve so it will be displayed on an acrylic stand as it is in the photo.

This is one of two I made. Not happy with the background for these flip-flops.  I couldn't find my lighter cloud fabric. Our theme was Summer. The other one is a vase - both required applique.The other I forgot to take a photo!  I'm hoping Mary who got it on the steal game will send me a pic. 
I got a nice 4th of July one.  I'll put it on display soon.

My other finish is the last blue block for the RSC challenge: 

I have 16 of 25 done now - again from Pat Sloan's Summer Solstice. Changed it up a bit by making those star blades from stitch and flip squares on a rectangle instead of using HSTs. Now have 16 of 25 done - again from Pat Sloan's Summer Solstice.   I'm linking to the usual parties.  See my tab under the header.



  1. I had a chuckle as I thought the flip flops were flowerhead people until I read they were flip flops. Other block looks good too

  2. Wow--you are really on top of your WIP's! I'm afraid I haven't been as successful--lol!

  3. I think your flip flops are adorable, but initially I had the same thought as Margaret, that they were flowerhead people.
    Barb D.

  4. Love, love, love your flip flops. Too cute! Wish I was whipping my WIPs like you. Congrats! ;^)

  5. You must not have too many WIPs left. You can start on mine next...giggle. Great job.

  6. Wonderful progress for the week. How many to go?

  7. Loving the random bits of YELLOW in your projects!!

  8. Angie, you need to come and live with me in England. You will love our summers. Rain guaranteed, heat the exception.

    Love the way you have a strip echoing the binding on the baby quilt.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  9. HI Angie, We love the pretty colors for your flip-flops and for your itty-bitty quilt. Lovely workmanship, and the colors look so cool and refreshing.
    A story about the heat: It was 107 degrees here last week. We have neighbors who are renters from Arizona. They came here to escape the heat of Arizona, because they thought our climate was going to be a lot cooler. When the temperature climbed to 107, they told us they wanted to go back to Tucson, because there was no point in traveling and renting in a place where the temp was 107. I told them, "Well, usually it's not 107 here, but it's just been really hot so far." ( I think they're still planning on going back to Arizona, the poor dears. :-) )

    Thanks again for the great photos of your lovely work ! Stay cool, blessings and hugs from Marina and Daryl Lynn


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