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It's been a while since I've posted. Nothing wrong - just life was very busy in the last two weeks. In between events I manage a wee bit of sewing.

Being it's Sunday - have a some hand stitching to report.  I got back to my Bliss hexies.  Laying them out, I saw I had sewn one with the wrong side of the fabric out and prepped a couple wrong also, so it was back to the beginning on those. Got four done and now whip stitching together.
Four may not seem like a lot, however as you can see these have 2 - 3 pieces and curves, so they do take longer.  If you're wondering what Bliss looks like, visit Julia at the Hexie Blog  Bliss starts in the 2016 Jan/Feb issue - all are free.

I continue to destash by slowly working on my projects a few minutes a day.  I'm working on a new baby quilt top - that has used 0.63 yds. and I have 3.5 yds ready to donate to my guild for a grand total of 52.08 yds YTD.

I also kept quilting on a sandwiched baby quilt for St. Anne's
Most of this was walking foot stitching. The centers of the large blocks were done with FMQ.
The quilting doesn't show much on the front.
In the yard, cacti are still blooming.  Here's one of my favorite Opuntia:
The flower buds are small but showy.

Here's one open - measured around an inch  - inch and a half when open.
I love the color of these and when they are lighted up by the setting sun they shine like jewels.

Hope you get to sew today.


  1. Cute bear fabric in the baby quilt. Love the orange flowers. We don't get that nice orange color here in the Midwest, other than marigolds.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful cactus pictures! I know exactly what you mean about beingredients busy!

  3. Very interesting and beautiful flowers on your cacti. Do they last long? You did very good with your de-stashing. Congratulations. Your curved, complicated hexies are awesome. I wouldn't have the patience for those but they are gorgeous. Keep up with the great work. ;^)

  4. Bliss is looking good maybe it is a slow form of stitchery but they tend to be more relaxing to do. Baby quilt will be well loved I am sure and your cactus is lovely in flower.

  5. Wow - I went and looked at the Bliss quilt, and there's a lot of neat work inside all those hexies! That is going to be neat. I love having slow-work projects on hand for evening hand stitches - it's very relaxing, and gives you some guilt-free TV time each day. :) And yes, that cactus is beautiful all bloomed out.

  6. Great stash numbers! Hope this week went as well.

  7. Gorgeous cactus, Angie.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks. I am in awe at the number of baby quilts you produce.

    Love, Muv


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