You're Invited to a Portrait Party

Well, actually the results of a portrait party - a wonderful, eclectic, contemporary collection of portraits in the book by Julia Kay entitled Portrait Revolution.  I have two very artistic adults in my family - one who always seems to have a pencil in his hand drawing portraits, so I wanted to learn more about this type of art.  Also I'm an avid quilter and as I visit quilt shows I see more and more quilts that have the human form in their design.  I was please to see needle arts represented in the book.

The cover itself drew me in to the book.  There are so many mediums and styles.  It really is a wide representation of what artists are creating all over the world. The 450 portraits really captivate one. My 6 year old grandson was over one day. We spent over an hour looking at these works.  I was fascinated by drawing blind.  Alan saw one and said, "I can do that," about an abstract done by Timothy Schorre entitled Patricio, Chile and made on an iPhone with the Sketji app.

Here's his version (looks very much like the one in the book):
"Why don't you give him ears," I said handing him the light brown crayon again.  "Nope, Grandpa doesn't hear and he doesn't have hair".  He's right.

Now my drawing blind.  I used my statue of St. Jude Thaddeus for my attempt.

This book is a keeper. It's so interesting. I think I'll give it to my son - just his kind of book.

I received this book (Watson-Guptill Publications) from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. And I’m so glad I did.


  1. I so admire people that can draw can see your GS is a budding artist and your drawing is excellent

  2. I love your Grandsons thinking. I can draw some, but only if I copy someone else's work...grin. Same with sewing and needing a pattern. My daughter and all of my son's kids are excellent.


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