Some of This; Some of That

First, the giveaway is open until Thursday.  You could win a book.  See the previous post.
I'm back to working on my hexies.  This will be my hand stitching in front of the TV for the week.

Onto stash report:  What with leader and ender blocks, a Stars and Stripes sampler block, and two baby quilt tops and one backing, plus a charity bag, I used 3.45 yards from my stash.  The YTD total is now at 43.40 yds.

I leave you with a view from my garden.  These are Mexican primrose that despite my neglect came up and bloomed for me.

Blessings on this second week of Eastertide.  Christ is risen! Alleluia.
Keep lighting your Easter candle during this season.


  1. Good numbers for the year so far. Your Mexican primroses are so pretty. I can't believe you have neglected them very much.

  2. you are doing well using your stash. Flowers look pretty here we are being threatened with snow so not sure what will happen with my tulips, bluebells etc

  3. Love your flowers. Hexie are always relaxing to do.

  4. Your candle would make a lovely wall art quilt for Easter? Love what you are doing with those hexagons very very exciting, I can see my self drawing some thing then penciling hexagon shapes over top of it then having lots of fun seeing the picture grow with hexagons. Great idea. Thanks for sharing Cheers Glenda.

  5. You are doing great on using up that stash, a little bit at a time makes a dent! Just curious - how did you determine what your yardage was to start? I can't even imagine guesstimating mine . . . and maybe I don't want to know. HAHA

  6. Your hexies are great! How are you doing them?

  7. Thank you for linking up with PYT!
    I do love the way you are piecing your hexies together... very interesting!


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