Some of This; Some of That

What with my Madonna, some applique, strips for a baby quilt, fabric for a neonatal top, 2 leader and ender hourglasses, work on my string blocks, and 3 blocks for the RSC Challenge, I used 1.16 yards from my stash. Then I scrounged around and found some madras and a plaid I'll be donating. My total this week amounts to 3.46 yards with a YTD of 16.39 yds destashed.  A good total for five weeks. Now if I can only keep it up.

Slow stitching today.  The weather has gotten colder and I'm going to sit in the living room working on the last hexie for my ring and staying warm.  It's too cold in the sewing room.

Book giveaway still open.  Check the sidebar. And the winner of last week's EPP papers is Leeanna of Not Afraid of Color. I've sent her an email.



  1. You certainly have a lot of projects going. Keeps us young, I keep telling myself.

  2. Enjoy your slow stitching. Great progress on spdestashing. Hope you don't run out!

  3. your stash is slowly shrinking unless you are buying more. Such a shock yesterday I found I have over 300 metres of half metre and larger pieces not to mention fat quarters and still find myself buying more Must stop

  4. I like that so far your additions to Madonna have repeated/echoed the flowers in the panel. Your hexie project is going to be stunning.

  5. Congrats on the stash busting YTD!

  6. I never got the email... but I got the one now and how exciting! You're so nice


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