Slow Sunday Stitching & Some of That

I'll be finishing this one and hope to start on hand stitching the last two.  That is my goal.

As far as the stash report, I used only .03 yd this week by making an RSC block, little bits for my applique block, and that teeny, tiny sampan.  I did pull a piece, 3.25 yds worth, to donate to the guild. New YTD total of use/donations now stands at 10.08 yds destashed! 

Where I did use fabric was in putting together this top from another bag of scraps.  This one has mostly strips in it.  But since it is St. Anne's fabric, I can't count it toward destashing.  The three columns on the right aren't attached yet.  Need a few more columns to make it the right size - 36" square.  The letters are four the parish children colored at the June festival. So for now it is on design wall #2.

Off to bed - read that by getting an extra hour of sleep each night you can lose 10 pounds in a year. Sounds like an easy way to diet.  I don't get enough sleep - 6 to 6.5 a night is not enough.  

Nighty - night.


Michele Hill said…
Gosh I was losing weight was that easy too Angie! x
Michele Hill said…
That should have said I "Wish" losing weight was that easy!
Libby in TN said…
That's just one less hour to snack! Eating "intentionally" (i.e., sitting at table), skipping nibbles between meals, and upping activity are working for me ... slowly.
Sarah said…
Libby's right it's one hour less to snack but more importantly one hour less to sew! ­čśČ
Mary said…
I couldn't make it very many days straight with just 6 hours of sleep. Seven to 8 works better for me, but I'd aim for 9 if I really thought that would help me lose weight! I never thought of using tape to hold EPP pieces together for stitching.
Sarah said…
Fantastic curved hexies.. You must be getting really good at them. I've got a hexie project with a few curves but I'm still not fantastic with them.
I am working on my destash as well. And I am on a fabric diet.
Out: 19.6 yards
In: 1 1/2 yards (at Road to California.