Still looking for that sampan to put on this landscape - all that's on my design wall for now - too hard to put up the applique block I am working on right now - too many bits to keep track of.  And I haven't started on part 6 of En Provence - it's been a busy two days.

What's on your design wall?


Marsha Hodgkins said…
Can you take an image of a sampan and just trace it? If you Google "sampan images", there are a number of them that show up. You probably already knew that, but just in case it slipped your mind, I wanted to point it out.

Love the landscape and the sampan will the the finishing touch!
I will need to take my design wall apart soon for the redo but in the meantime my hexie quilt is still on it.
Rachel said…
Really looking forward to seeing that sampan!
Working on Part 1 and 7 of I Believe in Snowmen. I actually finished 5 of the 7 stars. Fingers crossed for today that I'll get off this computer and sew....:)
Not much. I am reorganizing and destashing.
Angie, we love the beautiful blue hues of this landscape project. You are always so productive ! Your energy is inspiring to us! Blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn