2ND WIPs Be Gone

One more leaf and another block of Anna's Garden is done!
  The color is a bit off because I had to take this photo at night.  These are going so much faster than before.  I've already copied the next pattern, numbered the pieces and cut them out.  On a roll.


Clare M said…
It's wonderful when you get on a roll. Progress seems so easy. I'm waiting to be re inspired for the next roll lol.
Love your block.
Sweet block! I'm hoping to get some applique prepared today--I feel the itch to stitch!
lucky. I have not picked up a needle and thread since last year. i am planning on changing that today.
Kathleen Mary
Anonymous said…
You're definitely on a roll! Great use of color for this block. The finished quilt is going to be a stunner!
I feel like I am making some progress in the correct direction as well. Finished my 9 patch and heart swap block for Hugs and Stitches and got two blocks done for my Vintage Christmas Sew Along with the same FB group. Inspired by you I am aiming at destashing at least 100 yards this year. I am at 5.35 yards so far. See you Tuesday night.
margaret said…
loving the colour mix you have used in tnis block they all compliment each other
Bizarre Quilter said…
Yay! Keep going while you feel so good about it!