Some of This; Some of That

Made four Splendid Sampler blocks with this one:
#70 - I'm naming My Rose Garden

Plus the binding on the BAMA quilt adds .37 yds toward de-stashing and brings me up to a  YTD total is 43.53 yds .   I either have to give away a lot of fabric or sandwich a bunch of quilts to reach my goal of 100 yards this year. Which will it be?  Have til after Christmas to decide this drastic measure.  Well, I consider it drastic when I'm thinking of ways to get rid of fabric - lol.

I now have enough SS blocks of pink and red to begin the next section of my sampler.

I realized I didn't show you the back of the BAMA quilt.  A friend and fellow member of St. Anne's gave me this very appropriate fabric to include.  I really like it. Would make a great row of a row by row quilt - I mean the leftovers of this fabric - but I gave the remainder back to her.
Going to try to sandwich those baby quilts I never got to, and do some more slow stitching on my ancient WIP.  It's the perfect weather - cloudy and cool. Do visit Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.  She has some fabulous examples of English Paper Piecing for your viewing pleasure. If you've never given this type of hand stitching a try, go link to my WIPs Be Gonner post. I'm giving away some hexagons, so can try one form of it. You vets of EPP are welcome, too.  And speaking of giveaways, last week winner is Laurie of Laurie's Place.  I've sent her an email.  Blessings!


  1. Love the BAMA backing. I'm in Australia but for 10 years my girlfriend lived in Alabama and Alabama State was their college. They were great Bama supporters. Over the years she gave all my family Bama t'shirts and one of them is still my favourite shirts. Her whole family would love that quilt. They are all living back in Australia again now but her 2 girls have husbands who come from Alabama and her son has a daughter who still lives in Alabama with her mum so the links are pretty strong

  2. Love the backing. Nice block, too, and like the name for your new quilt.

  3. the green fabric I am envious of, blocks look so good. Loving those elephants too


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