The Signature Quilt

My cousin who is staying with my mom sent me photos of the quilt ( since I had forgotten to do so).  Thanks Lucy!
 Here is the quilt with Mom's photo in the center. Text is in the four surrounding white spaces around her photo.  They say:  Mary P Matos, 90 Years Young; Happy Birthday; Feliz Cumpleaños; April 29, 2016.
Here you can see the quilting although it is upside down.  She likes it.  So WIP #2 is done.


Kate said…
It's a beautiful quilt, Angie!
Libby in TN said…
Beautiful quilt for a beautiful woman. Love the garden maze setting.
Lovely quilt. Easy to see why she loves it. Congrats on a great quilt. ;^)
Wonderful gift for your Mom!
That is so pretty and I know that your Mother will cherish it!!!!!!!!!!!!
margaret said…
a wonderful quilt
Muv said…
Hello Angie,

What a fabulous birthday present! Your mum must be thrilled with it, and so proud of her birthday!

Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

Love, Muv
Lynette said…
Thank you for the link here. I love this! It makes me think of stained glass for some reason. I think it's the quilting motifs. This is one more example of how a "light custom" approach can make a quilt look really fantastic.