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On one of my design walls (I have three now -hehe) is a baby quilt for St. Anne's. As you can see in the photo I have one border at the top left to sew and this top will be done.  It's a disappearing hour glass pattern from Jenny Doan .  I like it, but  it's a lot of seam abutment and pinning, so I probably won't be using the pattern again anytime soon. I did like how quickly one can make the hour glass blocks by sewing all around the two squares and then cutting twice on the diagonal.  I may do that real soon.  I call this a mod baby quilt because of the prints used.  I know again why we quilters like to use 100% cotton.  These two prints have some nylon(?) in them and they are easily stretched which isn't a good thing when you have so many seams on the bias.  Hoping it can be quilted out.

This used up 1.37 yds of stash which includes the border.  YTD total de-stashing now is 18.61 yds. 
But! I bought some fabric - couldn't resist these text patterns - and it was just a yard total.
So take a yard off my YTD and I'm at 17.61 yds. Sigh - I'll have to purge a pile to get near the goal I have for the end of June of 50 yds.

Lastly, and even though I have a ton of WIPs, I made the first block of Barbara Brackman's Morris Hexathon.

I machine pieced this one - it came out too small and not enough contrast between the diamonds. I'll make another. I'm trying machine piecing to save my hands from another bout of arthritis.

As for Splendid Sampler progress - I haven't made any more while my company is here. However, I'm going to a quilt retreat this Friday. I'll take all 8 I need to catch-up on for then.

What are you up to?  Would love to hear. Leave me a comment and I'll come by and see your goodies. Blessings,


  1. I haven't tried the disappearing hourglass, yet. It looks interesting. I'm looking for ideas for 1-1/2" strips.

  2. I have never tracked my yardage. I really should was doing good tell a lady down the street brought me a huge box from her daughter they had a material sell at their quilt guild and had a left over box of stuff that did not sell and I was the lucky winner to take it off their hands and fill another spot in the shelf. Gag too much material too little time.

  3. liking the hour glass mini not heard of making the blocks like you mention will check it out anything to make life easier.Re using fabric wish I had not but checked out my stash and it amounts to 264 metres that does not take in the fat quarters and smaller must stop buying!! but I do need some batiks! Also behind on SS but now just saving the blocks and will make them now and then though some are beyond me.

  4. I just realized the other day that Barbara was doing the Morris Hexagon. Everyone is getting on the Hexagon bandwagon! This is good because it does provide an avenue for quilts to try EPP. I may do mine by machine also. I like the colors you chose.

  5. OK - Stupid here. Exactly how big is this "hexagon" pattern that she has put out to make the star? Is it one hexagon for the whole page, or the hexagon to make the six star points.

    For some reason she has confused me!

  6. I haven't tried the Disappearing Hourglass either, and your hexagon is beautiful!


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