I've Been Paper Piecing

Moaning all the way, I've been paper piecing some Splendid Sampler blocks, and oh boy, one was hard!  Took me two days.
Now remember - these blocks are 6 1/2" square and take the straps of the bodice - those pieces of background around them were tiny. And I kept putting the fabric in the wrong direction --grrrrrh.  I'm going to make a sign that says check twice, sew once - lol.  Then today's block was posted and guess what - it is paper piecing too!  This one just took two hours - maybe I"m getting the hang of it (even though I used the ripper on this one also:

Phew, done working on SS for now even though I have about six I'm behind on. But I have to deal with this:
before I can sew anything again.  Who would have though PP can be so messy.  Where's the trash can?



  1. both blocks have worked well, paper piecing i mon my to learn list! I have given up on doing the blocks but downloading in case I want to do them at a later date

  2. Good for you. I haven't done mine yet

  3. Great job on the dress and the heart. I had a flashback of one of my Mother's dress when I saw your block. Very well done! ;^)

  4. My dress turned out a bit wonky, but I'm pleased as punch that I did it. I love it! And I didn't even cry, lol! I decided not to do the paper pieced heart, though. Instead I sewed a slab using all the itty bitty scraps and made a crazy patch square. I needed to use up some scraps to get over the trauma of the incredible amount of my kaffe fasset fabric I wasted making the dress. Yours is lovely. :)

  5. Better you than me! Your blocks look wonderful, though, and I can't even imagine getting my fingers to work with pieces like those bodice straps! More power to you for doing such a beautiful job.

  6. Both stunning wee blocks but boy that dress is small but so beautifully made. I wouldn't mind a sun frock just like it. Thanks for sharing it was a lovely visit. Cheers Glenda


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