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Hello, back to some quilting, but it won't be much.  March 12th, I woke up with a very sore right thumb.  I could hardly move it.  And it was swollen.  Took some ibuprofen and carried on.  It was better the rest of the day.  Next morning, the whole hand was swollen and could hardly move it. Same thing - rested it and meds.  Long story short, last Thursday (13 days later) went to Doc and she says it osteoarthritis in both hands and wrists.  Not something a quilter wants to hear.  In the morning, it's a heat treatment for softening up the hands, so they won't be so stiff.  I can then work for a while. Well, not much when I can't even open the milk jug, pick up plate or other things with one hand. Have to watch everything I do with them.  Once I've taken the meds, and they kick in I get to work carefully.  After 1/2 hour of whatever, I stop and ice the hands and wrists. Rest a bit and then can do another session.  Not much that can be done for the normal wear and tear of this kind of disease.  If you know of a regime that might help, I'd sure like to hear about it.

So here is my report of the bits I did during Lent when I wasn't blogging, using that time to meditate. Wow, was I addicted to being on the computer.  I've weaned myself from I don't know how many hours to just one - half an hour in morning; half an hour at night.

What with making and binding baby quilts, cutting an isolette cover, creating a mug rug (photo top right) for an online swap, making blocks for two wips, and binding a raffle quilt (most done before March 12th), I've used up 8.21 yards in the last 50 days. My new YTD de-stashing is 13.08 yards. 
I've tripled my total, but doesn't seem like much for the 1st quarter of the year to be over. If I'm lucky, I'll get half my goal done at this rate.  How about you?  I'll show more later.  My hands are already hurting.

Come by and leave a comment of what you're up to.  I'll try to come by and say hello as my limited online time continues, but this time for a different reason.  Blessings!


  1. so sorry to read about the arthritis, a stitches worst nightmare, I do hope it calms down, I have it in my knee and first thing in the morning is worst as it stiffens, have not tried the ice treatment have heard that it is good but I am already cold all the time and could not bear the thought of ice on it. They do say these things flare up then relent hopefully you will have some relent times with yours

  2. Ten years ago, I had the joint replaced in my right wrist with wonderful success. It hasn't hurt since -- my fingers are another story as there isn't much they can do surgically; so I just plug along! Sally

  3. Angie, I feel for you! Arthritis is so common in our age group and difficult to deal with. I have it in both my thumbs and it flares up from time to time. Just have to do what the doctor says and not over work them. I don't have it in my wrist, but can imagine how difficult that would be. Therapy and rest are best treatment. Hugs!

  4. I am sorry to hear about the arthritis. I think Aleve and that sort of thing seem to be what every doctor recommends. Hubby had issues with it in his hip and he was really laid up, then it went away as fast as it least for a while.

    As quilters I think we do abuse our hands and joints and apparently we later pay a price for that. Must enjoy what we can do when we can do it.

    I'm just getting back to quilting myself this weekend. I've kept to handstitching for the two months and before my surgery as well and it's nice to finally get back to some machine sewing. Really just happy to have made good progress after the major surgery. Trying to pace myself with all things, not just sewing.

    Best of luck with the methods you try to relieve your pain.

    Happy Easter.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you are having flare-ups. I don't know if it helps, but it does feel good if you can find someone to do hand massages. I used to have a great manicurist who performed miracles on my hands, but most of them don't do that. Call a massage place and see if they have someone who does hands? What kind of medication is there for that? Maybe less hand sewing and more machine work?

  6. I like reading your blog. Both your quilting and your spirit. My daughter in law asked for some covers for the isolettes at the NICU where she works. Can you share your pattern and ideas about this?


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