Some of This, Some of That

I'm back from my trip East to Metuchen, NJ.  What a great time we had.  It was cold (well by my standards - averages of 56-62 most days) and that's cold for me! Our goal was to spend my sister-in-law's birthday with her.  Her four adult kids hosted a great celebratory dinner at an Italian restaurant, Dominics. We were treated to an eight course meal and this beautiful cake:
Those flowers were actually made of icing - they were fabulous and tasted fabulous, too - not sweet and cloying as you sometimes get with that much frosting.  I loved this fabulously decorated chocolate birthday cake.

On the quilty side, I didn't pick up a needle in all the eight days I was gone.  I was going into withdrawls - lol.  I knew better than to take anything because this family group is very talkative and around all the time, so I knew I wouldn't get anything done but talk, eat and sleep. But here's a St. Anne's top I finished just before I left using the RSC 2015 blocks for October.
This will have a brown print as binding - a little unusual for a baby quilt, but I found a darling flannel sorry, no photo) for the back.  I'm linking to some of the linky parties in the sidebar.  Give them a try.  Blessings, friends.


Debra said…
What a beautiful cake!!!! Glad you survived the 'cold'. It's 72 here today! (I admit unseasonably warm)
OMGosh....I thought the flowers were real. What a wonderful time you must have had....:)
Sheila said…
Beautiful Cake! I thought those flowers were REAL!
Anonymous said…
Cute quilt! It will be wonderful, all the more so for not being predictable. Metuchen! I actually know where that is. In fact, I've actually been there! LOL I did my student teaching in Edison. I haven't been to NJ since 1996, though. My husband's family was from Bernardsville/Basking Ridge/Far Hills/Bridgewater TWP. It's all so very different from when I was going to Kean College - even the name of the college is University now. =) 80 years is a nice round number. The cake is beautiful!
Karen H said…
That cake is a work of art and it looks pretty delicious too! I don't know how you managed so many days without sewing. I would have been going through very painful withdrawal!
That is an amazing cake. I know what you mean about the icing...some bakery or decorated cake icing tastes too greasy ....if these tasted as good as they look, oh my! :)