Some of This, Some of That Week 49

Not quite ready to machine sew. Can only sit 5 minutes with my bad leg not elevated.   The queen size quilt is too cumbersome to shift around for hand quilting, soI went looking for another hand stitching project. Although I have an embroidery WIP somewhere, I went toward hexies.  I've always wanted to make a scrappy hexagon quilt. However, I have a hard time just pulling out scrap pieces and making hexies and starting to put them together.  Just doesn't work for me.  I need more of a plan.  Karen H help!

So went thru my folders of quilts I'd like to make and found one that may work for this interim project.  I'm still going to use scraps but a more planned effort. I may even pull out a fat quarter or two, although I don't consider them scraps.  Here is the center I came up with:

In the destashing stats, I've used 3 1/4 yards for two baby quilts and 0.1 yard in scraps for these hexies above. What is 0.1 yard?  That's 15 inches. So my new YTD total is 93.55 yards  de-stashed. 

I'm linking to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.  Did you get some done this week?  Link up with Kathy so we can all see. Blessings.


margaret said…
have fun with the hexies I find them so relaxing, once the papers and fabric are cut out, that is the boring part over and done with. Trust the leg soon allows more activity for you
Hexies are perfect. Feel better Angie!
A scrappy hexagon quilt will be lots of fun--hope you begin to feel better!
desertskyquilts said…
Hexagons are a perfect choice, and I like your finished block. 5 minutes is better than it was. I know it has to be frustrating - I would be feeling that in your place. You're dealing with it well, though - or not griping online anyway. LOL I hope the healing goes quickly, or you just have so much fun with the hexagons that it doesn't matter! Don't forget to show your new project on Hexagon Alley (if you didn't already, and I'm just behind).
Karen H said…
I'm so far behind in my blog reading and have been trying to catch up when I saw your call for help! Lately I've been thinking about making a scrap hex quilt too because I have so many leftovers. I've got a great idea for you that you might like. How about sewing concentric rings of hexagons and alternate so that one ring is darker and the next ring is lighter. Colour doesn't matter as much as value so as long as you stick to that plan you should be fine!
Beautiful work Angie... Sending healing thoughts your way...