WIPs Be Gone Week 43 and a Winner

Our winner of last week's giveaway is Quiltsmiles who lives in NY.  Congrats.  I'll send you your papers as soon as I hear from you.

The Duarte family is now the Portland, OR family - they got there yesterday early afternoon after a two and a half day journey north.  Here they are the night before they headed out - the four right of center (ps - Lily is standing on a block so she wouldn't look so small):

I miss them already! It will be  a long while before I get use to this.  Now I have two adult children far away.

After roaming the house feeling lost for two days, today I finally got my quilting urge back and began working on a WIP.  WIP #5 to be exact.

I can see right away I'm going to have to get myself a bigger design wall - here is just some parts of the center and it's already bigger than my puny DW.  I started this WIP in 2011. The pattern is from Fons and Porter published in 2003.  It has 12 blocks - mine has only 4 as I have no place for such a large quilt. Those blocks are 14" finished.  My plan was to try different applique methods with each block and see how I liked them.  I can tell you that I like needle turn applique best, but I'm too slow at it. My next favorite method is Esther Aliu's one.  She has a great tutorial on her blog.  Give it a look see.

Okay, what are you up to?  Whatever it is I'd love to see it.  Linky below and it ends next Wednesday, midnight.  I'm linking to the parties on my sidebar and also Amanda's as I did finish machine appliqueing the fourth Jubilee block yesterday.


  1. Totally can relate to feeling bereft when adult children leave to go to their far away homes... :-( Haven't linked up in ages, came here to visit you from Amanda Jean and now have linked up! Your WIP looks so pretty; it'll be good to occupy your mind and create something beautiful.

  2. This has been a week of no time to work on things! Hopefully, I finally have a good week next week, before the month is completely gone! I love your applique quilt. I love needleturn, too, and I will say it gets faster the more you do it.

  3. Your applique blocks are so charming. I enjoy applique and one of my favourite methods is back basting applique because there is so little fabric preparation. There are so many methods and I guess we all have our favourite!

  4. HI! Thanks for inviting me to post my WIP here. Right now I have no new photos but I've advanced a little bit. I've been distracted by two other projects but I take my "little world without end" to my quilt meetings and add hexagons while chatting with my quilting pals. As soon as I have a photo taken I'll try to post.

    Your applique is lovely! I too enjoy needle turn the best. I think you'll find if you practiced at it the method would become faster. with anything "practice practice practice".......oh well or NOT!!! LOL!!! I do enjoy applique but have not done any in an age now.

    Thanks again for your kind invite!!! See you soon!! Mariella


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