Applique Tuesday Week 36

I am hand appliqueing the sixth basket. Three more to go and then I'll make 27 leaves for the flowers.  Once those are stitched in place, I can add the flowers. Little by little.

In the garden, even in the depth of our drought, we are blessed with touches of beautiful color:

What are you up to?  Let me know in a comment and I'll come by and have a look. I'm linking this post to Connie's Linky Tuesday and to Esther's WOW.  You should go on over to both of these ladies and see the beautiful work they are doing.


Love the fabrics in your basket.

Pretty blooms ! I am in southwestern PA and we've had very little rain lately...making up for too much earlier in the season, I suppose. But the flowers are still doing ok...I have to water every morning, though.

Really cute baskets! Looking forward to the flowers being added!
gretchenscorner said…
Cute baskets. Will the flowers be embroidered or appliqued?
margaret said…
pretty baskets and will look lovely when flowers are added.
Still to try my hand at applique but have finished my steps to the altar quilt, will put it on my blog maybe tomorrow
Another sweet basket. Gorgeous Cacti (is that right for plural)??? Have a great day!
desertskyquilts said…
Jealous of the cactus blooms. I miss those! I was looking at small travel trailers yesterday. Just looking, but still. =) Three baskets to go! Yay!
Love the baskets. Thanks for showing the cactus blooms. I had no idea they were so spectacular.