WIPs Be Gone Week 35

On my patio yesterday, it was 107.  Today, it is 108.  I'm very grateful that I have air for a second summer that is keeping the room I'm in a nice 82 degrees.  It feel like heaven compared to outside.

But I just feel so enervated. It's all I can do to type these few lines. No energy to take photos of the two baby charity quilt tops I made last week end. No energy period.

So let's link cooling photos of winter quilts
or refreshing waters. Something, anything to help us endure these temps.  I know my friends and family in the South are shaking their heads at me as they have high temps too and with their humidity - a heat index of 117 last week.  So who am I to complain?

Linky below.  Stay cool myfriends! I'm off to put on my cooling neckcloth, darken this room and take a nap.


  1. you have it so hot and here in Arkansas we have had an usual cool spell for the end of August - barely has made it to 80 degrees each day this week, and down to 60 at night, I have had the windows open all week and it has been so nice - heat starts to come back this weekend but wow - what a treat this has been.

  2. Now that's hot! I can totally relate to how that sort of heat sucked the energy out of one. We are having a abnormally cool spell here in Ohio, too! But at least we are getting some rain finally. Hope you get a cool down soon.

  3. Glad you have that A/C. I keep my bedroom at 74 and the family room at 76. At least Mick decided not to golf next week. Me, you know I'm inside. :) Sending you some energy.

  4. Yes Angie, I am in you neighborhood and feel the same way. Looking forward to some cool days, soon.

  5. Wow, that's hot for you, isn't it? With humidity here, I usually can't stand it at 82 inside, and try to keep it no lower than 77, except at night. Today, I forgot to turn it back up, and it's so nice. =) Fall is coming!

  6. It's supposed to get pretty warm here in Minnesota too--good idea to think about those "wintry" projects!!

  7. We've lucked out on the high heat this year. It is miserable when it gets that hot.


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