WIPS Be Gone Week 32!

Can you believe it - there are only 20 weeks left in 2015! Wow.

I finished a preemie quilt made out of some of those triangles I cut off units in making an early B3 quilt. With some leftover fabric I came up with this:
It measures 30" square.  I quilted it with straight lines following the seams. I wanted this one to stay soft.  Now this one I quilted differently:
There are diamonds in the outermost squares but you can't see them unless you spot them on the back.  Most of it you can see I just spaced straight lines on the whitest fabric. In the light blue I did some freezer paper work.
I cut out the leaves on the freezer paper that I had traced from the master. I then cut out part of each leaf to make the design continuous. I used a frixion pen to transfer the pattern to the actual fabric, and pulled off the paper to use it in the next space. I used a baby blue Superior So Fine thread with an 80/12 titanium needle.   Here's a closeup:
This is a B3 quilt whose free pattern is on my right side bar.  Looks modern to me. Here's the back:
On the WIP front, I now have a quilt top made out of #7.  I hoped to have it sandwiched, but I've been working a lot on trying to get WIP #13 - my hexie baskets - ready to take with me to CO as my hand stitching project.  I leave Sunday.
WIP #7
What are you up to? Would love to see it, whether finished or WIP progress or an old post, or even about what is going on in your life - not necessarily quilty. Share your goodness. Linky below ends Monday, midnight.
I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it Up Friday, Richards Link A Finish Friday, Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?, Lizzie Lenard's FMQ Mavericks because I did finish something and did some FMQ, then Saturday with Pink Doxies and Monday with Lyn for BOMs Away. Bye for now. I'll try to post from CO when and if I can.


  1. Love the quilting design and of course the baby quilt.

  2. Your quilts are all so interesting. I like the leaves you put in the light blue fabrics. I was tracing the design the way I'd do it on the longarm, if I still had one. It would be a great one to have in the bag of freehanding tricks. Thanks for sharing. I like the #7 top bunches, and your leftovers made a clever small quilt.

  3. what lovely quilting you have done on this very pretty quilt

  4. The quilts are cute. What a neat idea. The freezer paper idea is great way to transfer quilt patterns.


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