Slow Sunday Stitching

Here's the latest.  10 to go.  and here is what our skies have been looking like - strange for CA in May:
So weird to be under a winter storm warning, too, this late in the year. Today it was 29 degrees cooler than the norm. And just two weeks ago this was my view out my kitchen window:

All gone now except for the Primrose.  But we did get an 1.5 of rain in those weeks.  I'm linking to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. Take a break and do some soothing hand stitching. And for eye candy overload do visit the Blogger's Quilt Festival.   My entry is in the Home Machine Quilted group. There are 11 other categories - not to be missed. Enjoy!


do you live in the mountains of CA? your gardens look pretty
Scooquilt said…
We've been having cloudy skies and rain, too, but that's more normal for us. I'm pleased I got my vegetable seeds and plants in in time to make use of this rain. Nothing to do today but sew! Take care.
Karen H said…
Purple and red is such a great colour combination! Your garden is flourishing and very pretty!
Our skies have been gray for a long time, but with rain which was definitely needed. I think we are running close to 7 inches in the last week are so. We are moldy enough now so it's fine with me if it I hear thunder in the background.
The view from your window is charming! I can barely see my lilacs through the rain on the window of my kitchen, but it's great that it's rain and not snow!
you folks sure do need the rain! :)

Your hexie looks like a real flower ;)
Deb A said…
The weather has been strange all over this year. Glad it is not snow falling for you. Enjoy some slow stitching today.
Quilter Kathy said…
I think we have switched weather with you!?!
It is hot and sunny here today!
cajunquilter said…
Wow that is cold weather. Is it normal for you this time of year? We are approaching 90's already and it is still May. I hate to see our temps during July and August.
desertskyquilts said…
Love that center. That is odd to think about for California. I'm glad you had so much rain. I know it will take a lot more to end the drought, but that was a good dose! The weather everywhere is so far off. I don't think there is such a thing as normal any more!
Jennie in GA said…
Lovely flowers. Don't you live EPP?
Sarah said…
Your hexie flower reminds me of poppies!
So sad that almost all your pretty flowers are gone already but I think the rain is a good omen. My gardens always seem to bloom after the rest of my neighborhood so mine are just getting going. On the bright side, I currently have 6 peony buds on 2 different plants. Much improved over the 1 single flower I had last year.
Kate said…
Very pretty hexie flower.

Wish we could share some of our rain, we've had a lot the last few days.