Some of This, Some of That - May5th

Alas, no appliqué!  But I'm determined to get back to it this week - even if it's only those eyes for the elephants.

Again, I have yardage to report (surprise to me!).  Used 2 yards to finish my WIP #10.  Then I used another yard for the Festival quilt I started. I also began another VA quilt - for another .5 yard. Lastly, I took apart that hexie flower in my tut where I used red thread and resewed it.  So the YTD use now stands at 41.89 yards .  

And from the retreat - finally had a chance to have DH hold the quilt top #10 up for a photo:
VA lap quilt ready to sandwich
On my design wall:
Start of another quilt I saw at Shelly's Prairie Moon Quilts.

Another D9P - busy, huh?
And from my garden:
This plant ideally likes 45 inches of rain - some in spring and some in fall and we had only 4.5 inches so far this year. Our rainy season ends June 30th.

But it fruited for us!
 It is so delicious! Hardly acidic and so sweet. What a nice treat from the backyard.
Here's the next one which should be ready in a couple of month.  And another forming:
All started from a bought pineapple.

So what are you up to?  Would love to see your eye candy - from the sewing room or the garden. Leave me a comment and I'll come by.  Bye for now.


  1. so what did you do - just cut the top off and put it in a pot - in the sun? I will try it if you tell you how you did it!

  2. My husband cut the top off and placed it in a jar with the bottom in the water and let roots grow. Once it has roots he plants in in a pot with sandy/loamy soil and waters it when it dries out – maybe once a week. Doesn’t like prolonged cold, so needs to bring it into a sheltered place in the winter. Takes about 18 months to flower and get a pineapple. Treat it like a bromeliad as that’s what it is. We have them in more sun than we give the flowering bromeliads.

  3. I started a pineapple plant a few years ago but then I forgot to bring it one winter. Yours looks just wonderful. Does it keep producing over and over?

  4. you certainly are using up the fabric love the quilt. Wow the pineapple looks good, had no idea they need so much rain. Pat on the back for good job well done to hubby

  5. Wow - you grew a pineapple! They are so delicious and it makes me want to grow my own!

  6. How fascinating! I fear England might be too cold for pineapples, but what a wonderful thing to have grown!
    My eye candy for you, is a quilt made by my friend, the happiest quilt on the block!

  7. I keep hearing you can do that. I'm going to have to get a pineapple and a big pot and give it a try! Looks like you are busy with some beautiful things.

  8. I have tried the pineapple top as a plant, but it never fruited. You've inspired me. Gotta try that again.

  9. It's only in about an inch of water til it roots

  10. Well I've always wondered about that 'easy to sprout a pineapple in a pot' advice and now you've gone and made me interested in doing this myself! I just love that ornamental stage before it fruits and enlarges, I actually have a 'pine apple vase' applique project somewhere in my WIP pile and you've just reminded me about it!

    I'm loving your progress on the quilting front here too, great blocks :)

  11. that is so awesome that you grew your own pineapple. I might have to try that. I read how your husband grows them. Sure is a long time to wait!

  12. Your VA quilt is fantastic! I love the scrappiness of it but with the star in the centers. Well done!!!


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