Applique Tuesday May 12

I was determined to do some applique. I spent a couple of hours working on this quilt. I wanted to use raw edge applique on it.  Now what is the difference between raw edge and broderie perse? Someone enlighten me, please. Here's a corner of it:
There are four pieces added to the border here.  I'm having fun with it. Can't show you all of it as it is a gift.  I'm linking to Connie's Linky Tuesday Party - she's always got some fabulous quilt she's done.

What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll pop on over and check out your eye candy.
Bye for now,
Angie in SoCal


  1. The difference between raw edge applique and broderie peirce (sp) is... Broderie perce can be raw edge or needle turned. That ( style) of embroidery is where you cut out prints, motif's, pictures and stitch them onto a new background. Used to always be needle turned. Raw edge is a technique where you apply a fusible product to the backside and fuse then stitch pieces without turning under the edges. One is a style of applique, the other is a technique

  2. Interesting question and very interesting response from Colleen.

  3. Thanks for the explanation, Colleen. So the difference is using fusible or not. Thought they were similar. McKenna Ryan has combined them by calling her method "fusible applique".

  4. your piece. I've never heard of the Broderie name.

  5. Beautiful applique. It's going to be bright and beautiful.

  6. Raw edge can be without fusible, too, though the fusible helps keep it in place while stitching, especially handy when machine stitching.

    Raw edge appliqué can be any shape you appliqué on a background without turning in the edges, and can be cut from any part of any fabric.

    Broderie Perse is where you cut an image from fabric and appliqué it on a background. Edges are sometimes turned under, but often raw edge so it looks part of the background fabric. Often used to make a collage style project.

  7. Hola Angie!!

    Me gusta tu aplique y no puedo ayudar con la pregunta y veo que te han ayudado y me ha venido genial saber la diferencia.

    A mi aplicar me encanta,pero no se me da bien.


  8. Interesting on the broderie perse answers. I've never seen an antique one that wasn't turned under, but I suppose there could be some out there. Love your fabric piece.


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