WIPs Be Gone Week 17

Another WIP done!  This one is #9.
 I started this when our Darling Lily was 2 in the hopes of having it done when she got a youth bed. Well, that didn't happen. Now she has a twin bed and she's just turned 5 April 16th, and I finally finished it.
 Here's the busy back I used for it. The machine worked beautifully for me and it used about 10 bobbins worth of So Fine thread.
I tried different motifs in the sashing strips that formed on two sides when I cut up the disappearing Nine-Patch blocks.  I'm really liking this pattern - it's so easy but seems complicated.  It's about 54" by 68".

Have to go back now and work on #3, 5, 6 and 7.  Not as far along as that #9 makes it look like I am.   How are you doing on your wips?Would love to see - doesn't have to be a finish, but we'll admire those, too.  Linky below - remember it doesn't have to be a new post, just one that shows a WIP.  Ends Monday, midnight.  I'm linking to Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?, Amanda's for Finish it Up Fridays, and Richard's Link a finish Friday. And for the FMQ,  linking to Lizzie's fun party FMQ Mavericks.   and Julie for her Pet Project ShowLots of eye candy on the NET.  Bye for now. 


  1. What a cute and happy color/fabric quilt. Congratulations on the finish.

  2. Your checky, stripey quilt has 'tude! It reminds me of a cross between Anne of Green Gables, and a patchwork dress I wore in the 70's. Love it!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  3. Beautifully done! Congrats! ~Melanie

  4. It's a cute quilt for a 2 year-old, a 5 year-old or a teenager. I'll bet she treasures it and uses it for a long time.

  5. Another week has passed and I've done absolutely nothing......:)

    Love your quilt and the quilting.

  6. Congrats on your quilt finish!! That's a wonderful quilt and nice choices on the quilting that you did.

  7. Hello Angie,

    Such a sweet quilt, and now Lily is a big girl of 5 she will appreciate it all the more. The fabrics give it a really traditional timeless look, and I can imagine her running her finger round and round the spirals.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  8. What a great quilt. I love how you quilted it, so perfect!!

  9. I really like this quilt, tying to work out how you have done it as think I would like to have a go too


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