Tut - Continuously Sewing A Hexie Flower

I recently figured out  how I can continuously sew my hexies when making a flower..  This saves me time as I don't have to stop and start with each hexagon I add.

Here's a few set out to use for this tutorial.
Layering my first two hexagons, right sides together, I first bury the thread knot under the seam allowance at the point where I am starting.. I'll be using red thread so you can see it better. Pardon the blurry photo - forgot to use the macro feature.  At the end of the first seam I make a loop and put the needle through it to form a knot in the two hexagons.  I do this twice. Now I bury the thread under the seam allowance where I finished.

Now I place it back in the donut shape facing up.  

I fold over the next loose hexagon on top of hexie #2  that I sewed together. (disregard the arrows on the paper - that was from another use.
I place an applique pin in the seam allowance of the side I am going to sew. Believe me, I can get easily confused as to which seam to sew.

Going under the right corner seam allowance of the wrong side, I position my needle in the corner. I pull the thread all the way from the old seam to the new one. It will form a triangle with two sides (as seen below). I do two knots here and sew the seam. At the end I do two knots.

 Again,  I bury the thread at the end of this seam, lay open next to my remaining hexagon, placing  it on top of the last one. I clasp the pair in my left hand (as in 5th photo) and go under the seam allowance to come up at the right corner to start the next seam and then do two knots and sew the seam. I always finish with two knots.
 Once I'm all done the back of the hexagon flower will look like this - with thread crossing from one side to the other.
Now I clip those threads right at the seam allowance - that way the tails are hidden.
The back shows no threads. And it was much faster to assemble.  Hope this was clear enough.  It's really just remembering to knot at the start and end of seams to use one thread  to join your hexagons.
Thank you to Karen at Faeries and Fibres for sparking my thinking on this.  You can see how she puts the center in.  Click here to go to her site. 


  1. Thanks for the little tutorial. When you mentioned that you were sewing continuously I gave it a go and it worked well. Now that I see you tutorial your method is a little different from what I did but the end result is essentially the same!

  2. Easy, now that you showed me. LOL Funny, our fingers look a lot alike, not exactly, but our hands could be sisters. =)

  3. Thanks so much--I'm going to give it a try!

  4. Great way to do the seams!! Will definitely give that a go when next I do hexies. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Excellent will definitely try this method.


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