Applique Tuesday

Time to get back to my hobby.  This past week I learned I can be less on the computer. Thank you to all who commented on my previous posts and shared Holy Week with me.  I did do some work as I contemplated the events so long ago and still pertinent today.

I finished my block # 3 (to me) of the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt.
I used one of the other blocks for the bud placement and that's what you see underneath.  This was a rather chunky block and I decided to lace it a bit more and made the center larger. I think I'll use it as my signature block.  I also decided to set it on point. Otherwise the corners came too close to the buds for me.

In the garden, some color is showing. Here are some volunteer Evening Primrose:
Also my Cecil Brunner climber is blooming way. They are such a delicate pink:
And ripe now are our Chandler pummelos - Yummy.
Here is one in comparison to a navel orange and a lemon.  Big, huh?
The pummelo is a forerunner of the grapefruit. But it is sweet and juicy, not tart at all.  It has a thick skin:
The fruit is so tasty that it's well worth the time to get at this luscious pink inside.  The Chinese eat these at New Year for good luck.


Kate said…
Flowers and fruit - how lovely! We're supposed to get some snow today but my tulips have poked through the ground!
Anonymous said…
I never heard of that citrus, and I thought I knew them all. =) The block is just gorgeous. I've heard that Primrose will spread like wildfire.
Great post. Your applique is gorgeous.
LuAnn said…
Love your Benjamin Biggs block. Lovely photos in your post.