WIPs Be Gone Week 7

Can you believe that? Week 7 of 2015! I can't.  I'm happy to report some progress was made - well at least a little bit on 3 wips.

Another flower for Wip #3. I wish I'd had more of the green to fussy cut those hexagons around the bunny(they're more green than they look).  It seemed appropriate to make him the center with those hearts around him.  Happy Valentine's Day, Saturday.

My cranes (wip #4) got another border around them. This block is now ready for some batting and quilting and then piping and the back.

Every day I try to quilt some on WTBQ #1.  The first two photos show the back with the fabric motifs and the ghost quilting from the front on the second two.  I'm also putting a flower in each of the centers of some of the 6" blocks.  Now to do the first border.  It will have quite a bit more ghost quiting to fill in the white spaces.  Please give me tips on how to take a photo showing the quilting on the back. As you can see from the one's I've posted - I hardly have a clue.

Lastly, and this isn't about quilting - lol - I've rediscovered frozen vegetables.  No more boiling for me! I saute onions, peppers, garlic, waterchestnuts - or whatever combo/accent I want to add to the frozen veggies  in a bit of oil or butter.  Then I add them to the pan and saute for about seven minutes on low.  They taste so good!  Below I tried corn, green peppers and onions.  It was a hit.  I tried chopped collard greens and waterchestnuts - another hit (I put a 1/2 tsp of sugar to counteract the slight bitter taste of these greens).  Then there is mixed vegetables with a bit of garlic and cilantro. Give it a try. Tell me of any other combos you come up with.

How are you doing on your wips?  Would love to see - doesn't have to be a finish, but we'll admire those, too.  Linky below - remember it doesn't have to be a new post, just one that shows your WIP.  Ends Monday, midnight. Since I finished a flower I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it FridayLizzie's Free Motion Mavericks and Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop? Lots of eye candy there.


Beth said…
I really love the floral background of your pieced blocks. Every time I see it, I wonder why I have never done something like that. Maybe soon...once I knock out a few more of my WIPs. :)

I'm happy to note that I'm making progress! It's shocking how many of them just needed to be bound. I'll be sending three gifts off next week because I finally made time to bind them last week. Thanks for focusing my attention. We had a camera malfunction so the picture I'm posting is of a project I started last month and finished this month, which is rather unusual for me. (Not likely to become a trend around here.)
Beth said…
P.S. On the Cat Patches blog today, Barbara Stanbro talked about how she adjusted her photo to show the stitching on the back of her quilt. Maybe this will be helpful: www.catpatches.blogspot.com
I do the frozen veggies that way sometimes too and makes a nice difference.
Anonymous said…
What fun things you have been doing! I love the quilting on your project. Well done!
I love the ghost quilting you are doing, so interesting. As for pics I like the morning or evening light outside. Inside a light to one side of the quilt helps. I get the best pictures on my sewing table with the morning light coming in. You just need to find the right angle.
Sue G Johnson said…
You have been busy! Love everything you have done on your WIPs. Greens are something fairly new to me. They're not eaten in Australia....love them!
Kate said…
Love those cranes, Angie. I, too, like to saute frozen veggies and just recently tried some chopped water chestnuts with them - adds a delicious crunch.
You make the coolest things! I LOVE the cranes. And thank you SO much for the vegetable idea...that's a real aha moment for me, one of those times I wonder why it never occurred to me. I can't wait to try it!
Muv said…
I really love how the ghost quilting is working out and joining up the design. It is going to be a really striking quilt.

Photos? Just cheat by increasing the contrast using the picture editor on the computer.

Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

Love, Muv
Kate said…
Looks like you are making good progress on all your WIPs.
Sarah said…
I just pulled that bunny fabric out of my own stash since it has a complementary fabric that has hexies on it and I needed a charm square for my hexie i-spy project. I think it's fun to see "your" fabric in someone else's stash!
Esther Aliu said…
WIPs be gone? Ha! That sounds like the kind of magic I need in my house!