WIPs Be Gone Week 4

Woohoo, I can officially say my WIP #2 is out of the WIP pile and into the WTBQ pile.  What is that you say?  Waiting to Be Quilted - LOL.  Actually, it is still a work in progress because it has to be quilted and bound before it is a finish, but at least it is onto another level of the quilting process.

I also totally finished my first B3quilt. And that is:  Baby's Big Block Quilt.  Yep, just one block to make a 30" baby quilt.
This is going to our regional hospital's Neonatal unit.  The block is the Baton Rouge Square block - an old traditional block.  It took me 4.5 hours to make it from cutting to binding.  I've written a pattern and you can find it under my free pattern tab.  The block requires three fabrics but I couldn't find three pieces the right size at first so I just went with four.  My second one just has three fabrics, but I'll wait til next Friday to show it to you when it's all done.

Did you work on a WIP?  Would love to see what you're been up to - a little or a lot of progress - either is fine. Linky below - it ends Monday, midnight.  Off to pull out another WIP to take the place of #2.

I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it Up Fridays and Sarah's Can I have a Whoop, Whoop? because I have a finish! See you there.


  1. I am working on stars and will continue to do more of them today. I would like to get this quilt top done in a week or so

  2. WTBQ pile....too cute. WTBF pile for me.....want to be flimsy.

  3. I like the color scheme you have going on your WIP quilt top. I always have a couple WIP projects going on!

  4. Lots of things going on, but this one is at least finished! (#8) Your Neonatal quilt is so cute and someday some 6'4" basketball player will look at it and wonder how he was ever so small. =) The other quilt would be so much fun to quilt!

  5. lol Love WTBQ...great acronym. Your quilts look lovely. I'm working on a cross stitch today.

  6. Thanks for the invite to your party. I don't have a post prepared right now, but I'll definitely join the next one!


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