Quilting on Applique Tuesday

Sigh. No applique yet, but I'm almost done with the commission quilt - which is a good thing as I have to take it to the meeting this Thursday.  I finished the last large blocks this morning.  Here is how I did them.  As you can see in the photo, there were large blocks surrounding by the sashing I quilted.  In the black and white blocks I echo quilted once around the symbols.  I wanted to do something similar for the orange, brown and light blocks.  I decided to use the whole note as the symbol to quilt in them.  So off to look for public domain music symbols.

After finding one I made a copy (it's the first figure in the photo below). I didn't want to waste ink, so I made an outline copy ( figure 2)  Too small for my six inch blocks, so I had to go about enlarging it.  Fortunately, my printer enlarges and reduces.  I just had to do a little math.  Now don't panic - it isn't algebra or any thing like that - just some multiplying. I measured the width of the note and it measures 2.75 inches. Multiplying by 2 made it 5.75 - too large.  I then multiplied by 1.80 and got 4.95 - good just a bit shy from 5 inches wide - just right for my six inch block (figure 3). So I made one that size, copied onto freezer paper, and iron them onto the white blocks of the quilt.

 This was one time I wished freezer paper came in different colors as the white paper on white fabric can make it hard to quilt around it.  I could have used a pen but I have this phobia about marking my quilt tops. I'm using Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin. And a So Fine on the topwith an 80/12 titanium coated needle.

 Next step was to quilt around the pattern. I quilted first the inside oval, raised the presser foot and moved the needle to the outside oval. When done and locked, I clipped the short thread over the pattern.
Then all I had to do was pull away the freezer paper from my finished motif.
Here's my first quilted motif.  Once all those white background ones were done I decided to change thread for the orange and brown squares.
I just happed to have this varigated 50 wt thread.  My Juki's great tension handles different colors of thread on top and bottom beautifully.

 This thread worked out great.

Now on to the binding,  Any questions?   Feel free to ask me in the comments.  I'm linking to Esther's WOW and Connie's Linky Party. See you there.


  1. this is looking lovely and the quilting design works so well,. Like you I do not like to mark the designs but have a tool that you draw with and it just leaves a light crease that you quilt on this works well for me. Not sure what it is called but it was only cheap

  2. Someone is going to really love this one.

  3. I think this quilting is perfect. You can put freezer paper directly through the printer. I don't worry about marking my quilts w Crayola washable markers, but if something won't be washed I use freezer paper. Also, I like to use it for elaborate desidns that are hard to trace. Much easier when its ironed on.

  4. That is a great way of quilting designs. Thankyou


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