Hexie Weekend

No hexie progress this week - too busy getting ready to hosting the holiday at my house. We had all the family here - all the offspring and our grands - 12 in all.  I bought a brined turkey - wow, it turned out good!  They ate most of everything! I froze the bones for turkey soup later next week.
All the Grands - the towhead is visiting from CO.
Hope you had a good thanksgiving.  Linky Party back next week.
Continued blessings as we start this Holiday Season!


  1. company has left - both my girls and family were here - now it is back to hubby and I - maybe I can get my hexies back out tomorrow and start to work on them again.

  2. Great pic.Have an amazing Holiday season!

  3. sounds like a wonderful time how god to have such a large family gathering hope they helped with the dishes!

  4. Beautiful children! Our Thanksgiving was fine, but small and quiet compared to yours. Have a good week.


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