Hexie Weekend

Can you believe?  I actually got some hexies done on the train yesterday.
Would have gotten more done, but you know how it goes when you have six women gabbing and sharing all the way there and back - lol.  There were 18 of us and we had a great time. Our destination was Exposition Park.  We stayed together as a group from Riverside to Exposition Park and then we let them loose to do what they wanted. About half did want to see the Pompeii exhibit, a fourth the IMAX theater presentation, and another fourth to the National African- American Museum. We all had a good time, then met up again to come home, however 3 couples opted to go home later so they could do other things, and that was fine by us.  I guess it went well as most asked when the next trip was. LOL - it will be a while - this wore me out evey though it was fun.

Have you got some eye candy to share - hexies or otherwise.  What are you up to?  Linking below.
I finished a flower so I'm linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Fridays and Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?  Since it's been weeks since I've posted hexies, I consider that flower above a finish!
PS: The white fabric looks odd on those petals because the templates are from illustrated cards and the colors show up.


  1. thought I would share although not done by me I found this in a charity shop for £10 I believe it was started in late 70`s bit think some has been added later hope to one day finish it

  2. I don't have hexie's to share today other than my entry to quilters festival that is at the bottom of today's post but I have more blocks done on Dear Jane

  3. Just started sewing some hexies here and there so I am linking up ! :) Your latest flower is quite pretty :)

  4. Love the fabric in that completed flower! Love that you can take a train anywhere. I think CA has developed quite a rail system. Other places seem to have let rail go. You have a hard time going across country by rail these days. A lot of places you have to go from one city to the next hook up on a bus! Your day trip sounds like great fun.

  5. Hexies are so relaxing to stitch. On a road trip with friends I'm not surprized you didnt get much done- too much fun!


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