Bread for the Journey

of Life.  Go here for a moving, thankful post.  From the Mennonite Girls can Cook.  They have some
great recipes, too.  Thank you Esther at Esther's Blog for introducing them to me.

The world is a wonderous place and the Net joins us together in many ways.  Thank you friends of the Net for brightening my days.

Blessings during this Thanksgiving season!
Angie in SoCal

Okay, I gave thanks - your turn!  I look forward to what you have to say.


  1. My life has been a little bit crazy for the past two weeks, but I am thankful for my three boys, my lovely home, that I get to spend my days taking care of my family and working my dream job at home - quilt designing. I know all this is from God, so I am thankful that I know my heavenly father. And I, too am thankful for Mennonite cooking! I grew up in an area with a decent sized Mennonite population, lots of yummy Mennonnite restaurants with large quilts displayed on the walls. I still cook out of my Mennonite cookbook on a regular basis. They have the best pies! Have a super day!

  2. thanksful for my hugh wonderful family

  3. I give thanks for my health. When we were younger and my Dad was still alive, he used to declare "Your health is your most precious possession" and we would roll our eyes. In our 20's we felt immortal. I wish I could tell my dad he was right all along. I am thankful that, despite a few bothersome complaints, I am well enough to do the things I want to do.

  4. I give Thanks for life. New births and the life The Lord has given for us all

  5. i give thanks for my first gradchild(son)


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