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The destashing:  Used a fat 16th's worth of scrap pieces for a Block Lotto block; a FQ for a 12" scrap block. And 1/2 yard for the four blocks I talk about below. I donated a yard to the Thrifty Corner and used a yard to back my latest charity quilt.  Numbers on the right sidebar.

Coming off my design wall is my block lotto block and four log cabinish blocks for a special project.
The Block Lotto block - woven bars

Made 4 of these. Why is the ruler on them?  I wanted to share with you how I try to do all my swap blocks.  These were to be 12" finished blocks.  What with cutting, piecing and pressing, they don't always come out the size I started to make them.  Usually if they are up to a 1/4" off I can join them to be correct.  But for swap blocks I want them to be the size they are suppose to be so the recipient won't go crazy dealing with all these blocks that are a tad off.  So if I can,  I add a 1/4" to the last piece that makes up the block.

For instance this sorta log cabin has strips 3" wide with the outer border 1 1/2" to make a 12 1/2" unfinished block.  So I made the last strips 1 3/4" wide by the required lengths.  Then I assemble my block and give it a good pressing.  I then lay each block on the cutting mat and center my 12 1/2" ruler on top so that the diagonal marks on the ruler go through the opposite corners of the block and the extra outer border is the same all around (or close to).  I then trim the block on the right and top sides, turn the block 180 degrees and center my ruler again to be right on the edge on the left and bottom sides.  Now I trim the last two sides. Result:  an exact 12 1/2" unfinished block to send off for the swap.

I'm linking to Judy's Stash Report and Design Wall Monday.  Also Lyn's BOMs Away. Blessings.
Make time to do a little sewing.  It's therapeutic and soothing.


  1. Good tip. That's why for HST I add a little and trim down, too. I want them to be perfect. I've started reducing my seam allowance by 1 mm and it really makes the perfect block sizes. I suppose it compensates for the fold of fabric when a seam is pressed.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I, too, have no problem with tweaking when sewing blocks together (I hate to say that it's rare when my blocks are all exactly the size they should be, so I guess I've gotten quite a lot of experience at tweaking). But if I were ever to want to participate in a swap, I'll be prepared to have accurately sized blocks now.

  3. Fantastic idea. Log cabins in particular tend to shrink in places - I hate it when I need to redo something because it doesn't quite meet the measurement that the recipient will need!

  4. Nifty idea for some style blocks, esp workable for log cabin style blocks.

  5. How nice that you make sure swap blocks are the right size - it is always such a challenge when you get them and they are all different sizes!

  6. Thanks for the idea about adding extra to the last strip....I like it :)



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